Connectelligence DesignerAn intuitive interface that is extensible and configurable to match your integration needs.  Designed to work with disparate systems and disparate technologies including database, web methods, delimited file, and other standardized interfaces and structures, with support for widely varied applications.

With Connectelligence Designer, you can:

  • Create custom views and filters using an advanced GUI.
  • View system data and mappings using various flexible data views.

Advanced Features

Connectelligence Designer 2Tight integration with Visual Studio allows you to invoke methods written in Visual Basic or C# as a part of your system transformation.  For moderate users, built-in features allow for advanced transformation functionality with no programming required.  You get the full power of the integration adapter interface, including integration with Visual Studio for complex transformation support.  The Connectelligence Designer gives you the power of comprehensive integration support at a competitive price point.

Built in tools allow you to view, group and relate data from many sources through relationships that you define.  You can use this data in your integration and know that the appropriate records are selected or affected.

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