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The Right Tool

Here at Pinnacle Project Management we are focused on helping you achieve excellence in your business.  Our Systems Integration service line is used to support this resolve by freeing existing data flow and systems inefficiencies to meet your strategic corporate objectives.  To supplement our experienced systems integration staff we have adopted a strikingly effective systems integration tool: Connectelligence.

As the Atlantic Region partner for this ingenious tool, we are able to empower our experienced systems integration staff to implement enterprise wide integration solutions that are easy for your IT team to support.  This document talks about the power of Connectelligence over any other data integration solution and why you need to find out more about it.

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PM for Finance Professionals

When you think of project management, do you immediately think of construction projects, software development or ERP implementation? Project management has long been relied on to plan and execute projects with long durations and large budgets. But organizations are employing project management techniques throughout the business to accomplish a variety of goals and objectives on time and within budget. Learn why organizations are relying on project management to successfully complete projects in Marketing, Finance and Operations. This session will provide an overview of project management, the importance of project management to the organization, and why Finance Professionals make great project managers.

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Increasing Project Estimating Accuracy

As project managers and leads, you all know how difficult it can be to accurately determine the duration of a project, yet that is exactly what is expected of you on a regular basis.  Whether you are a veteran Project Manager or are new to the project world I am offering you 9 tips that will help you increase your project estimating accuracy... tips that will aid you in creating a more accurate project schedule the first time, every time.


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