Connectelligence Benefits

  • Streamlined integration with Visual Studio - common skill set
  • Real-time integration – business processes occur when they are needed
  • Better operational efficiency – tasks are completed without user intervention
  • Agility – business processes are focused, re-usable, and easily changed
  • Rapid ROI – focus is on the solution (not the technology)

Our Integration Software

Acquire Integrate Automate

Connectelligence is an integration software suite ideal for the small and medium business market and designed to deliver rapid development at a value-driven price.

With Connectelligence, you don’t reinvent the wheel with every integration project or task.  As a developer, you focus only on the service value-added functions you need to make your integration work with the functionality you need.  Connectelligence does this work for you allowing you to focus on key new functionality.

Connectelligence enables rapid implementation, is scalable, extensible and contains the features of an enterprise-class toolset at a moderate price point, including built-in adapters for the Microsoft Dynamics product line.

Connectelligence works to solve the needs of medium to enterprise-sized businesses that require data acquisition, data integration, and process automation. Connectelligence utilizes distributed windows services to integrate disparate systems with a maximum flexibility and extensibility.

With Connectelligence customers can achieve an agile business strategy. Our distributed services model can help businesses react better to the changing business environment while lowering IT costs.  Unlike proprietary or monolithic integration applications that may take years to master, Connectelligence leverages existing Visual Studio expertise enabling a more rapid, cost effective integration with your systems and people. Making it less costly to implement, integrates with your systems and your people. You can begin to create your integration solution immediately.

Connectelligence Run-Time

Connectelligence Run-Time enables execution of pre-defined integration maps to utilize pre-configured integration at a low price point. Learn More..

Connectelligence Designer

An intuitive, extensible interface configurable to match your integration needs. The Connectelligence Designer interface contains source definition, and data mapping screens that allow you to integrate even widely disparate systems. Learn More..

Connectelligence Real-Time

Automate integration through the power of Windows Services. Connectelligence Real-Time allows your integration maps to be packaged as discrete Windows Services that are fully automated, with no user interaction required. Many technology adapters are available that support a wide range of technologies, all monitored. Learn More..

Connectelligence Developer

Extend real-time Services using Visual Studio. Connectelligence Developer brings full developer capabilities into reach through tight integration with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, or 2010. Learn More..

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